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Meet GirlsThis is one of the truest statements I know. Outside your house there’s an almost inconceivable amount of space filled with diversions and people. In a given day you’re confronted with thousands and thousands of choices ranging from the inconsequential to the life changing. Social norms are often times appropriate, but sometimes they get in the way. I’d like to encourage you to think of pickup outside of the box. It doesn’t have  to be the default concoction of you, a loud club, and drunken girls. Some of my most fun and successful pickups have taken place when I was exploring the world.

Best Techniques to Meet Girls

I was shopping at Target when I saw an attractive girl looking at some items on the shelf. I sped up and slammed my cart into hers. As they hit I yelled “HEY! Watch where the hell you’re going!” She quickly apologized, and then burst into laughter after she realized that she hadn’t even been moving her cart when I hit her. I then examined the items in her cart and made fun of a few of them. I had made a routine errand exciting for her, so she insisted on getting my number.

Another time I was at my favorite supermarket when I saw a smoking hot girl in the frozen foods section. I walked up to her and said “Hey, can I have a ride?” She was puzzled, but agreed to let me sit on the end of her shopping cart and get pushed around. I told her to tell me what she wanted and that I would grab it – speed shopping. She couldn’t stop laughing as I tried to grab grated cheese while she pushed me past it.

On a well known social sex network, i made fun of a super hot girl’s profile picture, and surprisingly she was the one who started talking to me an tried to get to know me, the key is that she always receive compliments and cheesy pickup lines from many guys on several adult social networks dating sites, but I was the one who’s different from any guy she met.

On an airplane I saw a beautiful girl in the line ahead of me. We were flying Southwest, which has unassigned seating. When it was my turn to get on the plane it was still mostly empty, with plenty of window and aisle seats available. She had taken the window seat in a row that also had someone in the aisle seat. I walked up to her and said, “ Whoa! Did you save this awesome seat just for me? You shouldn’t have done that!” She laughed and joked that she did. I sat down, and talked with her the whole time, getting her number as I left the plane.

In a more elaborate plan to amuse myself, my wingman and I called each other and split up. He handed his phone to a beautiful girl leaving the gym.
“It’s for you,” he said. I was on the other end, and I just started talking to her like I knew her forever. After five minutes or so I walked over to her friend and handed my phone to her, saying “It’s for you.” When they realized that they were talking to each other, they burst into laughter. We later had date where I almost killed her accidentally, but more about that later.

It’s easy to turn mundane everyday events into really fun experiences. You end up with a story, a more fun life, and a different perspective. When you meet a girl in a social sex dating site, or in a bar, and do a so-so job of picking her up, you blend in and become hard to distinguish from the other guys she met that night. If you smash into her cart at the grocery store, she will probably always remember you. I’ve had girls remember me years after meeting them once because of things like this.

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conversation with a hot girlAfter you start a conversation with a girl, the first thing you will think is what next? Now you immediately want to move a neutral conversation into something friendly and nice. The idea here is to turn it into how you talk to your friends. You aren’t trying to create attraction or get anything out of the girl. You just wanna chat a little bit. There are a couple of things that I usually use. Any of these will work really well.

Sorry, I just don’t want to cut the line and I’m not sure how things work around here….
I’m not from around here so I’m not really used to the system…..
Wow are you guys sisters?
Are you guys best friends?
Who did you come here with?
Why does everyone keep looking at us?
I love how everyone here is so friendly!
Are you a …….? (guess any job and give a silly reason)
Are you a nurse, you look like you’re smart but you like hurting people and giving shots(injections)….

All we want to do here is more the conversation forward a little bit and get a smile out of the girl. You aren’t trying to be amazing and you have nothing to prove.

Go out and have a five minute conversation with every single woman in a bar. You need to have at least 20 of these conversations. This is less than two hours of conversation. So there is plenty of time for it. Again just start the conversation, change the subject and then you can walk away.

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facebook personals hot girlA lot of people consider this to be the most important and difficult part of interacting with women. This is a misconception based upon your own fear. After you spend time meeting women, you will realize that in general people are friendly and easy to strike up a conversation with. All you want to do is start a conversation. Don’t go in with any other intention. You want to start with a neutral or simple friendly statement. Here are all the starters you need to memorize.

Are you guys in line?
Are you guys ordering together?
You guys having fun?
This place is really crowded!
I love how friendly everyone is here.
This line is taking forever.
Why is everyone in here shoving so much?
Good luck. (when a girl is trying to squeeze through a crowd)

The point here is starting a conversation from a neutral place. You will instantly discover if the girl is friendly or mean to strangers.

I am already screening her personality when I say these. 10% of girls will be rude to me. I know that I don’t want rude people within my universe so I instantly ignore them. I screen them out of my universe. Starting conversations can be easy. A lot of it comes from body language, posture and confidence,which I will cover in a moment. But if you go out and just walk up to every girl in a bar and try out these simple lines, you will be astounded at how easily you end up in conversation. The first couple might go rough, but after that it will
really start to be smooth sailing.

Go out to a bar and start a conversation with every single person in the bar. All you have to do is get a few sentences out of each person there. You are not trying to take anyone home yet. Just start with a simple goal. See how naturally conversations flow by the end of the night!!!

You are really moving forward now. Remember to really focus on the positives when you write your field reports or diary entries. Itwill help you to cycle upwards and grow faster!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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